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Travelling More Sustainably

Are you planning to go on a holiday anytime soon? Have you given any thought of the impact that your trip will have on the environment? Without being a killjoy, I’m going to give you some tips on how to minimise the negative impact that your holiday has on the environment.

Things to do before you leave home

Your holiday begins before you even leave home. Here are just a few extra items to add to your to-do list before walking out your door:

  • Choose a destination that values sustainability
  • Work out the efficient and environmentally-friendly way to get there
  • Research your destination to see how they recycle
  • Turn off & unplug everything in your home- especially if it has a standby light
  • Don’t print tickets or documents- use an app or email PDFs

Travel lightly

Before you start to pack, think about the things you really need to take and what you can live without. Will you really need that inflatable flamingo in Thailand?

  • If you need a new suitcase buy one that is made out of recycled material
  • Take as small a case as possible- the less space you have the less you are tempted to fill it
  • The less you take the less you can lose
  • Learn how to make use of the space by packing your gear properly
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Ann Le {Anneorshine}– Travel Tips on How To Pack Light 
Today I’m sharing with you – my top travel tips on how to pack like a pro. No more over packing, it’s time to get organized and travel light. Here are my favorite 11 travel hacks for 2017. I am going to share with you some of my travel essentials and how to stay organized when traveling light.


Take with you a set of reuseable essentials to save on waste. It will take up some of your luggage space, but it will make a real environmental difference.

  • Water bottle
  • Coffee cup
  • Shopping bags
  • Produce bags
  • Non plastic utensils- e.g., bamboo
  • Cloth napkins
  • Metal or bamboo straw
  • Stainless steel containers- for snacks etc.


You can make an impact by what toiletries you choose to pack.

  • Use a bar of soap instead of liquid and keep it in a reusable container
  • Don’t buy mini shampoo bottles- Buy small squeezy containers and fill them up with shampoo & conditioner and then fill them up again when needed
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush
  • Eco friendly floss & Eco friendly cosmetics
  • Choose sunscreens carefully- some have ingredients that are bad for your skin and bad for the environment


There can be an enormous difference in the environment impacts of different modes of transport. Planes & cars are two of the worst ways to travel, environmentally & medically speaking.

  • Walk or cycle as much as possible to minimise carbon emissions
  • Use public transport if you can’t walk or cycle
  • If your destination is within driving distance take a road trip instead of flying – 
    Use cruise control when driving to use less fuel
  • Share resources with other travelers to reduce the total impact- e.g., carpool/taxi share, share a hotel room, etc.

Plane Travel

If you can’t avoid flying, there are some small things that you can do to at least slightly reduce the impact.

  • Choose direct flights where possible
  • Use your own headphones, blanket, etc. if you can
  • Pack your own snacks
  • Say no to straws, napkins & other avoidable waste
  • Consider if you can taking only carry-on luggage- see Burger Abroad’s Minimalist Packing List

Check out Anita Vandyke- The Definitive Zero Waste Travel Guide


When choosing where to stay consider the suitability of the accommodation for your purposes. Depending on where you are going, with whom and for how long, consider the following suggestions:

  • Stay with family or friends
  • Stay in homes – Air Bnb or house sitting
  • Try to find eco-friendly accommodation
  • Don’t throw away complementary soaps, shampoos, etc.- use them up or don’t use them at all


Remember that your eating habits can significantly contribute to the financial and environmental cost of your trip. The following are suggestions on how to reduce this cost.

  • Cook your own food if possible
  • Try to avoid fast food
  • Choose to sit down at restaurants- take your own container to put in leftovers to eat later.
  • Don’t accept takeaway utensils, cleansing wipes, straws & napkins
  • Support restaurants that serve locally grown food
  • Avoid Styrofoam

Check out Anita Vandyke- Zero waste travel: Food Shopping

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